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Flipping the “switch”

This video was taken a year ago January 4th. I would like you to watch the video before you continue reading.

I’m serious stop reading and go watch the video then come back... I’ll wait for you.

This video was a monumental moment in my life. This was the day the girls and I decided to close the restaurant Doug had built from the ground up. 27 years of memories, relationships, tears and celebrations coming to an end.

In the video it captures me turning the Open sign off for the very last time. Never again would it say Open and be Doug’s Burger Den. Never again would I be flipping it on with the coffee brewing and bacon cooking early in the mornings. Never again would the regulars that frequented the restaurant every day walk through the door. I could continue on with all the “never’s” but I think you get my point of how hard this was.

You actually see me pause before I softly flip the switch. If you listen closely you hear a dear friend say “next chapter!” Once the switch was flipped “the end” hit me, the emotions of all we had endured over the 27 years ran through my head quickly. I slammed my hands over my face with heartache and tears consuming me, as if it was me saying good bye to Doug all over again.

Who knew flipping a switch on a sign I had flipped a thousand times would cause a rush of emotions. But here I was submerged in them.

I knew the decision we had made was the right one. I was excited for what was next in my life (and I didn’t even know what that looked like).

Fast forward a year later and man can I see the rewards of flipping that switch a year ago.

Who knew Covid-19 would hit our world and shut things down. Grateful I did not have the stress of the restaurant. I discovered I had a more powerful voice than I even realized. The less stress allowed me to see a vision for my future and the impact I want to leave on this world. I finished my first book and started my second. I spoke on stage sharing my story of finding your inner strength. I gained confirmation, from the sweet souls that reached out to me, that my voice was touching lives and making the impact I have been working towards.

Strength > Struggle™️ my brand is getting seen and my hope is it will be around the world. My SHE IS campaign launched with a manifesto and t shirts. Determined women around the world understand no matter where they are at;

She Is... BRAVE!

She Is... STRONG!



My desire is that you see when you flip that switch or the switch is flipped abruptly in front of you there are opportunities about to surface in your life. It may cause the overflow of emotions as you saw me experience in the video. There may be a bit of time sitting in the unknown. I call this the decompressing stage, of all things that switch represented. Trust the process my friend believing there are new, even better things to come! Life and who you are does not end because a switch was flipped.

Love and Blessings!

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