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Where have you been...

Where have you been? Oh I have been fighting a battle within. I have been trapped in darkness. I have been traveling my journey alone, by my own choice. I’ve been extremely mad; in fact this is the most mad I have ever been in my life. I chose to not speak to you anymore. See I dug my feet in very deep, my stubbornness was full force. I had my mind made up that I was doing this journey on my own. I had trusted you for so long and I came to the conclusion to not put my trust in you. I was in control of myself, my choices and my situations. That is where I have been. Do you believe you walked in darkness alone? Do you think your anger blocked me? Do you think you weren’t doing work? Do you think the platform I have given you was ripped out from underneath you? I, my sweet child, have actually held you on some of the darkest days you have been traveling. That was not you, but me. You may have cussed me, spoke of anger towards me, but I have only loved you. Your anger has not affected my relationship with you. I have only been by your side waiting patiently for the light you shine to be back burning bright. Although you feel you have not been doing my work, oh child of mine do not be deceived, you have continually been doing my work just a bit quieter. Planting things within you that will only be magnified when you were ready. That platform you speak of I have always known you would step back on, but with a fire inside that would allow you to reach more. I know deep in your faith you know trusting me and my plans will only prosper you. That confusion will be cleared in due time. This conversation I have had! Here is what I now know: It doesn’t matter where you are at, what you are going through, or how hurt you may feel, The Lord will always... always... ALWAYS not sometimes but ALWAYS be with you; loving you, holding you, guiding you and faithful to you! Even if you aren’t ready or don’t want or feel it! My journey is taking a shift and I am super excited where we are headed! I am grateful I can share my journey and possibly one single soul may be inspired! So to that one soul, go ahead and dig your heels, go ahead and be angry, go ahead and think you can do it on your own. Because patiently on the sideline, your sideline, The Lord awaits! Love and Blessings to all! 

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