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Throughout my journey with cancer and caring for my husband I was consistently asked “how do you do it, how do you stay so strong, how do you keep going, how do you have a smile on your face, how do you stay so positive?” I quickly realized our story was impacting many with how we were going through it and how I was handling it all.  It was during some of the hardest moments in my journey that I saw a need to empower the female community of all ages. So, I took a leap of faith and started Jacki Corta Coaching!



I help you find the power you have always had inside of you. I will challenge you to identify the deep planted seeds that have caused you to not see the joy you can have in your life. We will plant new seeds of strength, confidence, positivity and the ability to inspire. In my coaching sessions you will be given action steps and tools to overcome and break through whatever is holding you back. I guide you to recognize your self-worth, how having resilience builds character and what your needs for growth looks like. My ultimate goal is to help YOU find strength through any struggle.


At Jacki Corta Coaching I offer coaching sessions for all ages. If you are stuck and wanting more out of life. If you are struggling to find your inner strength. If you need help setting goals and working towards them. If you are trapped in your grief. If adversity has hit and you need the guidance to overcome it. Jacki Corta Coaching is for you. I also love working with our youth. The ability to connect with the young stems from raising three successful collegiate athletes and mentoring young females for 13 years. I gently lead them through each session with love and understanding while providing them the wisdom to be more confident, see their individual quirkiness and bring them to realize the world today needs them as their unique self! Not what social media states.


I am committed to building a tribe of strong females overcoming struggle and gaining a “Badass” mindset. I will rock your world for the better and have you looking at life through clearer lenses.

Please click the link below to fill out the information form. Once it is received, we will then schedule a Discovery Call, to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

I look forward to working with you!




“Our girls are constantly being inundated with images and real-life situations that tell them they don’t measure up. I love that Jacki gives them a safe place to discover the truth about who they really are. She is building up the future generation to be strong, resilient and brave while constantly reminding them that they are more than enough.”       


“When you come across someone who not only empowers your child but more importantly who genuinely cares what happens to that child you realize that it was a unique experience and one you will treasure for a lifetime. That is what Jacki was for us. She became my daughter’s coach about 5 years ago. Not only was she inspiring through her own loss and personal tragedy, but her ability to overcome and share her feelings by being hones and caring was such a sign of strength and determination. Those qualities are what taught my daughter that life is not always perfect, but you can be strong and persevere through hard times and come out on top. By being part of this, putting in the hard work and by being there to listen if someone needs it, gave my daughter some great life skills. Jacki’s ability to share her experiences gave my daughter the drive to want to work harder. She is truly an amazing woman and has earned our respect and we are very grateful for the experience of being involved with her.”

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