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Doug and Jacki loved picking up the bill for strangers at the restaurant they may be dining at or dropping off groceries to those in need. During their marriage they did numerous acts of kindness for many. Since Doug's passing Jacki wanted to keep spreading the love and quickly created #spreadingDougslove. Doug was such a huge part of the community and a significant influencer of the young athletes he came in contact with. She felt it was his smile that was continuously present, even through his hardest times, that many loved. It was Doug's legacy that Jacki wanted to keep alive by simple acts of kindness. A modest reminder of good in the universe. A smile given, a coffee bought, a hand-written note, or a gift card sent.  


#spreadingDougslove cards are meant to be shared with any one person you feel needs a reminder they are loved. We as a whole can love unconditionally and have the power to share that love with every single person we come in contact with. Jacki encourages you to spread Doug's love by offering others a #spreadingDougslove card.


Contact us below for more

information about the cards.


We want to hear from you! Send us your story of either giving away or being a recipient of a #spreadingDougslove card. Let's see how far Doug's love can travel. 

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