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Time to FLY. . .

Get her to be able to fly on her own, that was my job!

She started this journey in my arms crying with dimples as deep as the sea. At that moment it seemed like a lifetime that would never get here, when she'd be all grown up and I would open my arms and let her fly.

Small stages through the last 22 years I have been slowly lightening my grip, unclenching each finger that held her close. Seeing the strength in her wings get stronger. There were moments I tightened my grip when I witnessed her wings go weak. That was my job to hold her until she fully could fly.

Would she be able to fly on her own? Have I given her all the tools to keep her at flight? Will she cherish the words I spoke? Let alone did she truly hear the words I spoke? Did I remember to tell her to always wear clean undies in case you get in a car accident? Not only don't drink and drive, don't drink and drunk text! Did I tell her no matter the circumstance I will ALWAYS be there for her? Does she know if her wings get weak or even a bit tired, she can fly home and I will hold her until they regain their strength?

Never did I think I would ever experience that feeling I had when they laid her tiny body on my chest that November day. But that overflowing rush of intense love pounding my heart, that instant protection to keep her safe, that glorifying pride that she is mine has hit me again when I saw her walk in her graduation gown around the field and towards home plate.

No longer the baby that was snuggled in a blanket, no longer the toddler that was so busy, no longer the teenager that challenged me at times. Here walked a beautiful young lady tall in stature, confidence radiating from every pore, carrying strength like I've never seen, and those dimples I first witnessed. . . Still as deep as the sea were on display.

My job will never be finished because I am forever her mom, although the load will definitely be lessened. My pride in her accomplishments is completely unexplainable. Her dad and I had only wanted what she wanted! Her goals were set, her determination was uncanny, her vision was seen and her fight to get through. . . Well that comes from her dad!

Graduating with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, along with 3 minors in Nutrition, Sports Coaching and Professional Sales. All while living out the hardest challenge/adversity thrown at her.

So now it is time with tears streaming down my face I am unclenching the last fingertip and letting her fly on her own!

Soar as high as you can reach BeeBop! Nothing and I mean nothing can stop you!


Mark 11:24

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Love and Blessings to all

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