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What one week can look like

Oh how a crazy life can get even crazier. Well maybe not crazier, just busier! I should be more clear on my words. Before I asked for prayers last Monday, my last journal update we had just gotten back from Seattle. So here is what has taken place since. We got home Wednesday from MRI appointment, knowing we would be going back to Seattle very soon for Doug to have his CyberKnife radiation. We actually knew we would be going on Monday. While we were in Seattle I got a phone call from an employee at the Burger Den stating that another employee didn't show up for work, needless to say, he didn't come back. So on Thursday I worked 15 hours at the Den, around noon I started to feel not so good. I kept talking myself out of being sick, you are just exhausted girlfriend, suck it up. By 9:30pm I was no longer talking myself out of being sick. I had a flu bug! I made the call to Doug, that I would NOT be coming home. Doug's blood counts were very low, there was no way he could get sick 4 days before his treatment. My wonderful PCA opened her house up to me, putting her whole family at risk. Shanan greeted me at the door with a glass of water, Advil, and a puke bowl. I went straight to bed. With my phone by my side for an alarm clock, it rang at about 11:30pm . . . "Hello" "Mom?' "yeah" "were you sleeping?" "yep, but that's ok, what is wrong" "Dad is stressed, because you are not here" "Bent tell him, if he needs anything you can help him. He will be fine" "I don't know mom he is on the couch missing you" "Ok, thanks for telling me, I will have Shanan call him, Good Night, love you boo" "night mom love you!" Woke at 6:00am to get to work at the Den, actually feeling better. Not 100%, but much better. Doug called to see how I was doing. I asked him how he slept, he said not good. I hate not having you here. Told him I would be home around 3:30, going to the deck to rest and would not be going to the football game. Fell asleep and woke up at 7:40pm. Finally feeling a lot better. I tell you this story, not for pitty, not to complain, but to share with you how decisions can sometimes be really hard to make, how sometimes we have to sacrifice for the ones we love. How being with your spouse pretty much 24/7 for the last 8 months has drawn us closer, WAY closer to each other. I am thankful no one in our family got sick and no one in Shanan's house got sick. We were blessed with plane tickets to Seattle for our Monday appointment. Leave Boise at 9:00am, arrive in Seattle at 9:40am. Doctors appointment at 4:30, flight leaves Seattle 9:40pm, arrive home at Midnight! Fast and furious is exactly what the trip was. As we entered the plane we had decided, because Doug's blood counts were so low, we would both wear masks on the flight. Oh my how we made people nervous. I told Doug, we need shirts made that say, "it is not Ebola. . . it is BRAIN CANCER!" Doug and I spent the day in downtown Seattle, it was a beautiful day. We walked, we sat, we laughed, we walked, we had lunch, we walked, we walked, oh and we walked. Made it to his appointment early. As they came out to get him, I asked if I could go back and take some pictures of the machine/room. They were very accommodating and allowed me to go back and take a few photos. What a massive machine. I went to sit and wait for him to get done. I want every one of you to know we could feel the power of prayer that was happening on that day. The actual radiation lasted about 40 minutes, then we met with Dr. Loiselle. He showed us the most precise pictures of where they put the radiation, where the very high dose was applied. I am always amazed by the technology, and science behind all of this.Don't get me wrong, for the majority of it, I don't understand. But it is still quite amazing. We will now let Doug heal from radiation, it can cause swelling. So we will have our next MRI in December. The next couple of days Doug was very fatigued. The cloudiness in his mind came back, I think from the swelling. By Thursday he was feeling better. Dear friends gave us tickets to the BSU game on Friday. It was such a great time. Doug could only last the first half, then we had to leave. To loud! As we were walking into the game, Z called me. I asked her how her games went, she said good. But I have to tell you what happened after the game. So she proceeds to tell me. . . Mom after the game the whole team was listening to the coaches talk about the games, how they went and stuff. Then Coach Amicone says we have a tribute we need to do. Sara can you come up here and help me. She goes on to say, we are a team, a team fights together, we are a family, and families stick together, and when needed we fight for each other. Mom then Coach Amicone pulls out DADS BRACELETS, the Team Corta bracelets! Mom I bawled, like the whole ugly cry. I was so shocked, I could not stop crying. The whole team was crying. They are all wearing dads bracelets! Coach Amicone then says we have extra bracelets so at games this season we are going to take a t shirt, roll it up and put one of the bracelets around it. Then give it to a fan that is strong, or fighting through something! Mom can you believe that, that they would do that for me! I just replied, Z that is what TEAM is all about! I am speechless! I am honored and blessed that my girl is experiencing such a great Team with an amazing leader. When Z told the story to her dad, his voice cracked and tears began to well in his eyes. He quickly said, I am having a hard time hearing you, I will talk to you later! We had a great weekend, Z even came home late Friday. Really nice to have her home for the weekend. Church on Sunday was super powerful for me. Turning all things to him, releasing what I have been grasping onto. Funny how we think we need to just keep a hold, when in reality by releasing whatever it may be frees us. This week I have taken one of my anthems and committed to listening to it everyday at least 5 times every day. In Jesus' Name, if you have not heard it you need to stop right now, go to you tube and listen. Here are some of the powerful lyrics that I have been called to listen to every day, numerous times a day. God is fighting for us, God is on our side He has overcome, Yes, He has overcome We will not be shaken, We will not be moved Jesus You are here I will live, I will not die The resurrection power of Christ Alive in me and I am free In Jesus' Name I will live, I will not die I will declare and lift You high, Christ revealed and I am healed In Jesus' Name God is fighting for us, Pushing back the darkness Lighting up the Kingdom That cannot be shaken In the Name of Jesus, Enemy's defeated And we will shout it out, Shout it out! Maybe my life gets a bit busy, but I am making a conscious decision to say my prayers, read my devotional, sit in silence, and talk to the Lord daily. 8 months ago my life was turned upside down, but in the process of being upside down, he reached down grabbed my hand and turned me up right. Told me to stand tall, stand firm in my faith, and stand next to him. I am doing my best to up hold all that is thrown at me. It keeps me strong knowing I have such an amazing group of supporters behind me! Psalms 107:20 He sent out his word and healed them; He rescued them from the grave. Love and Blessings to all!

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