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We all have a story!

We all have a story!

Interesting as it may be, I have witnessed some powerful things these past few days and weeks. About other people's stories. I think there is time when I get so wrapped up in my own story, I am unaware of others story. Well these last few days, and weeks I have tried to be more sincere to others stories. I am amazed what I have learned, or what the Lord has shown me.

Yep, you can stop reading right now if you don't want to listen to me give my view on a few things about life! You have been warned!

I have a beautiful friend who will send me a text or message every so often to just to say, "I was thinking about you today". Simple, you might think, but see to me it is very powerful. She has been thru a bit of what I am going thru, not exact, because every story is different, but traveled the battle of cancer. Only she was fighting for her dad! She has her own story of trials, and joys, moments of weakness, and moments of being the rock for every one else. It is when she looks me in the face, I almost can feel her pain, and gives me a hug and says, "call me anytime, we can go to lunch, we can visit, or we can just sit and cry" that I feel her story and mine might be a bit the same. Her dad returned home, leaving behind her beautiful mom, and my beautiful friend is missing her dad. I only know bits of her story, but I am awakened to the fact when she says she is thinking about me, it is from her soul that she truly cares, and knows somewhat of what I am going thru. Jen you are a great friend, an amazing mom, and a fabulous daughter! Our stories, are somewhat the same.

As I was scrolling thru Facebook, today I noticed a post. It was posted by a girl I went to High School with. It truly blew me back. As I watched this video of a young man learning to bend over and pick up a very large beach ball. It was a struggle for him to grab the ball, but he kept his determination and reached the ball and lifted it up as he sat back down. His therapist by his side the whole time. I heard of this boys story, from the news and the newspaper. Today, Boone Bartlome your story touched my heart. This young man from Kuna, was playing football last year when he was paralyzed. He has fought to regain mobility. What an example of fighting.

I have a dear friend, close to me that is fighting breast cancer. She is the one when Doug was diagnosed jumped in to action to help us. I have watched her fighting her fight, with humor, with a smile on her face, and with tears. Not backing down, but going forward. I am blessed to know her and her husband, true friends with true feelings, fighting a bit of the same fight we are fighting. She from a distance has shown me without even knowing it, in my times of weakness, to keep up the fight.

Last winter I was able to attend a basketball game that was honoring a teacher and coach. I had never seen Eagle High packed the way it was packed. All for this sweet young family, whose dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. As they announced the family, and the dad spoke to the crowd, I was overcome by emotions. This poor wife, with 2 young babies. I remember thinking I will say a prayer for this family, and went to church and added them to our prayer team. Having no clue I would be somewhat walking in her shoes. Nicole Ingersoll, your story I read! YOU ARE AN AMAZING woman, mother and wife. Yes our stories are different yet so close in nature. I feel your pain, I cry your tears, I pray for you and your husband.

Tuesday I was in the salon with the sweetest client I have had. Boy did this story get me. The Lord knew I needed to witness a piece of this story. She walked in with her mom, no words were spoke, for this sweet little girl has Rhett's syndrome. Oh my what an amazing energy this little thing radiates. As her mom lifts her up into my chair, and softly says to her, we are going to get your hair cut. Mom immediately apologizes to me, saying she wiggles a bit. No worries, I cut 2 and 3 year olds, THEY wiggle a lot. Little Miss Brynn sat there so good as I cut her hair. It is what I witnessed with mom that almost made me not be able to finish the cut. She spoke to her daughter in the most joyful voice. Telling her how good she was doing, how pretty she was, looking her daughter in the eyes to show her love. It is knowing mom has a tremendous story like no other, that brought me to tears after they walked out of my salon. Her only daughter and there will be many things she will not get to do with her daughter as I do with mine. But it was the overwhelming love in this moms voice that surpasses all the things they might not be able to do. Makita you INSPIRE me like you will never know. Your story dear is one for the record books. I hope my girls, feel the love I have for them the way you love your daughter. It is so powerful.

I share these stories, because I feel they have been placed in my path for numerous reasons. We go through our daily routines thinking about our own story. Don't get me wrong, that is just fine, but we need to realize EVERYONE has a story. It might not be as big as yours or as bad as yours or as good as yours, but we all have a story to tell. They all have special meanings.

I share my story here, basically for myself really. Because writing it out for myself to read and re read helps me see what my story is truly saying. I would encourage you all to take a look at your story, good or bad; are you writing it how you would want others to read it? Are you being true? Oh that is a stopper, let's take a minute on that. Are you being TRUE, to yourself? to others? to life in general? One thing you will learn with my story, I have been shown to be true. True to myself, true to others and true in my faith.

Life sneaks up on us and we are caught off guard. It might be something so simple to the most complex things. But if we are not quick to judge, or react we will be guided to some extremely powerful things.

I believe the Lord is using me to learn some very valuable lessons, some I might actually not get quite yet. But also using me to touch maybe ONE soul. If I can inspire ONE soul, I know my story is worth sharing. Before you look at someone and start to judge or question, stop and remember they have a story you might not know anything about!

Tonight as I was on the sideline doing the chains for the JV football game, it was a young mans voice that made my soul smile. It was Centennials team and there was a young man encouraging another young man. "dude you got this, keep your head up, I have missed some tackles tonight too, its on me, but I am going back out there to fight, come on man keep your head up, you are good, this is just a game!" WAIT what did he just say, THIS IS JUST A GAME! I wanted to turn around and hug the boy. He is right, it is just a game. This 15 or 16 year old boy got it. He may not even know he has gotten it. There are bigger things than ANY sporting event. We get wrapped up in the "game" and we forget about the STORY!

I am blessed to be able to share my story, I am honored and humbled by all the people that read my story.

Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Love and Blessings to all

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