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Sweet Boys

Let me tell you a story that touched my heart and made my soul smile.

First off I need to update you all, Doug has had good days and he has had bad days. We spend most of our days resting or watching some TV. Visitors come and go, in which we find comfort. Hospice nurse comes three times a week, checks his vitals and visits with us. His vitals have been really good.

We enjoy breakfast on the deck when we are having good mornings. Cool air, comfy blankets, hot coffee, running water in the creek, and good company, doesn't get any better! Z returned to Weber on Sunday, it was a hard "see you soon". Bent went to classes, but stayed at home, and I got Demi back to school as well. Z came home on Wednesday, she got all her classes in order and spent some time on the softball field. Once again it has been nice to have all the girls home.

The softballs on our lawn has completely taken me back. To read every message, and to hear how my husband has touched these young lives, is just humbling. Girls have asked if they could drop off a ball or is it to late! It is never to late. ABSOLUTELY, PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO BRING A BALL BY, TOSS IT ON THE LAWN! Or put it in the cooler on our porch. I love seeing how The Lord is using our story to reach others.

Ok back to my story I wanted to share.

Tonight we all went to the Eagle High football game. Loaded Doug up in his wheelchair, blankets and his State Championship Letterman jacket. Wheeled him down to the corner of the end zone where we always stand to watch the game. Handshakes to many, good to see you and love you's were spoken. The fresh air was so nice, although it cooled off quickly. Doug was ready to get home and back to his recliner, so we decided to leave just a few minutes into the third quarter.

We are headed out to the car, Doug stops to say hi to a friend. As we begin back to the car two young boys walk up and stop us. "Excuse me can I shake your hand". Doug reaches his hand out, the first boy says, "Thank you!" The second boy steps in, reaches his hand towards Doug. As he shakes Doug's hand he also says, "Thank you, thank you so much." Then off they trot back towards the stadium. I stood there in disbelief, Z mouthed to me, who are they? Shrugged my shoulders cause I didn't know them. Finally came out of disbelief and told Z I will catch her at the car. I quickly walked back to the stadium, caught the Athletic Director, Kimber Chrz, before the boys got out of sight. Told her what took place and asked her to talk to the boys. I wanted to know how they knew Doug, and what they were thanking him for.

I get Doug in his recliner to rest, and Kimber calls. She tells me she talked to the boys. She asked them if they saw Doug Corta tonight, they quickly said, yep we even shook his hand. She asked them how they know him. One responds, we know his daughter Demi and I read his Facebook posts and story. The other says yeah, and I was there when you gave him his State ring, that was so cool. (The JV and varsity football team came to the softball field when Doug got his ring) We just wanted to say thanks for coming and stuff. A girl next to them says, I wanted to go shake his hand but I was afraid I would cry. But I wanted to so bad.

SHOCKED! Completely brought a lump in my throat. This, this is what cancer is doing. Why would I ever think cancer is so bad, I am choosing to see the good that comes from cancer. I would love to meet those boys again, and this time I would ask to shake their hand! Innocent lives being touched, young people being moved to leave the game to run us down for a hand shake. In this journey we all call life, it is truly about LOVE! Loving every relationship we encounter. No matter how big or small, it is about showing love. I am talking about the love you show with a genuine smile, kind words of encouragement, or a simple HAND SHAKE!

One thing we are all lucky to have, is the ability to choose. But for some reason, most choose to see the bad in things instead of the good. Who cares the hand your dealt, choose to make the best of it! Choose to be happy, even on your worse day, find something in it that makes you happy. Choose to love, and be sure to love whole heartedly. Choose to make a difference, because we all have the chance to make a difference at some point. Choose to see the good that can come from something bad (like cancer) in your life. Doug and I chose at the beginning of this journey we were not going to allow cancer to run our lives, we were choosing to live the best life we could and chose to share our journey hoping we would touch one life. We now know we have touched more than one. Which justifies why we chose to see what good could come from cancer!

In the darkness cancer can bring, is a ray of hope that stands in the shadow. It is making the choice to walk out of the darkness and allow the brightness of hope shine from the shadow!

I rejoice every morning I get with Doug. I am thankful Christ has been shining through Doug and our family. I am at peace with the plan that has been put in place!

Love and Blessings to all

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