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Surgery went well

I apologize for not posting sooner, it has been a whirlwind of a day! We had Doug scheduled for surgery at 2:00. Dr. Cobbs felt the surgery would be about 2 hours. We checked in at 12:00, a bit nice to step on an elevator and be at check in. They got him settled in and the girls came back to give their dad some love. I gave him a kiss, said be strong, and told him when he wakes up he gets to see this cute face! 4:00 got here fairly fast, and I ad not heard a word, so I asked how he was doing. They told me the computer said he was still in surgery. In hearing that I had a moment of anxiousness. As I sat back down in my chair, my phone rang. OR nurse says to me, "I just wanted you to know we are just now getting started with surgery!" 2 1/2 hours behind schedule and I wasn't told before now! But then I could feel the anxiousness leaving my body. Ok so surgery starts at 4:25! They blocked out for a 3 hour surgery, but anticipated it only being 2 hours, an hour in recovery and then to ICU. 5:00 seemed to take forever! Then at about 5:30 Dr. Cobbs walked out and says. . . Surgery went well, Doug is doing great so far. The pathology shows it was tumor regrowth, BUT I BELIEVE I GOT IT ALL! We will do a MRI to look at it tonight or in the early morning. I feel it was a success. Hallelujah Jesus! I finally got to see Doug around 7:30. He was still very sleepy. Reached for my hand and whispered, I love you! That is what I wanted to hear, his voice speaking to me. He was struggling with nausea, but seemed to be good besides that. The nurse caught me and said, he does have a bit of weakness on the left side of his mouth. Dr. Cobbs does not seem concerned, and we will be able to see on his MRI if there has been a stroke or bleeding. Other than his side mouth, his arm strength, leg strength, and sensation is all really good! With brain surgery this first little bit we have to have low brain activity, so very quiet. As the girls come back to see him, we are all standing there watching him sleep, the nurse comes in to check vitals. As she is standing there Doug lifts his left are in the air. I asked if his IV was bothering him and the nurse says is that arm fill funny or doing weird things? He says oh so soft, no just checking to make sure it works! The girls and I had to giggle softly! Poor guy was so scared he was going to lose movement on his left side! We have not had the MRI yet. His sickness has taken a bit to get over. He has been resting quite well. He opens his eyes briefly, and then rest. I told him, remember what Stewart Scott said in his speech, "when I need to rest, I rest, and all my family and supporters do all the fighting for me!" So rest my love, rest and heal! Glory to God! Doug made it through surgery! We will rejoice in the findings on the MRI that Dr. Cobbs got all the tumor, there is no bleeding or sign of stroke, that the weakness in his mouth will be strengthened! People our God is an Awesome God! I am so sleepy, we did not sleep the night before surgery. Rest will be on my agenda for today! I have more to share and will keep you updated! Psalms 30:2 Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me! Love and Blessings to All!

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