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Prayers for Lindsey

On Monday when we went to radiation, in that small quiet waiting room sat a very young girl with her mom. No words were spoke between us, for I could feel the tension they both poured off. She had all the papers, yep I remember those papers, the first set of papers you get on your first day of radiation. My heart was broken for this young girl.

As the tech walked in and said "Hi Lindsey!" mom jumped up with her. She got real close to the tech to speak quietly to her. Yep I remember that also, not real sure if you want everyone in the waiting area to hear your story. I heard the tech say, "you will need to talk to Dr. Kuhn." Mom sat back down, I could feel the anger radiate off her. Today was not the day to speak to her.

Tuesday we walked in to the waiting area, there they both sat again. "Good Morning!" Mom looked at me a bit startled, and said good morning. The tech came back and got Lindsey and within a few seconds another tech came back and got Doug.

I said to the mom, how is your daughter doing? She graciously looked at me and said, "she is struggling, she is so young, it is really hard on her." I found out she is 21 years old, with a high grade tumor they removed in her upper thigh. The tumor is so rare (1 in 3 MILLION). Pathology here in Boise could not read it, so they sent it off to the Mayo Clinic to be read. Mom seemed very scared, chemo will not help the tumor, so they are doing radiation on the sight.

I asked mom, Jean, if I could ask my army of people supporting us to pray for her. She got a tear in her eye and said that is so sweet. Is that your husband you are with. I said yes and we have so many people praying for us, I would love to have them pray for Lindsey also. She could not believe I would want to do that. I told her I believed through prayer, the Lord would lay his healing hands on both Lindsey and Doug. She said thank you so much for reaching out to me and having your supporters pray for her. She said she worked for a Catholic School and had people praying, but this was just to much. I reassured her there would be many people praying for her. She then said, I will not be coming with her to every appointment, could you please say Hi to her for me, just to make her feel calm. I promised her every morning I would greet her like she was one of my own.

Wednesday morning, there Miss Lindsey sat, as we walked in I smiled and said "Good Morning Lindsey!" She smiled back and said "Good morning!"

So I ask all of you amazing people that have been such a huge support for Doug, myself, and our girls to PLEASE say a quick prayer for Lindsey. Put her on your prayer chains, such a beautiful young lady with a long life ahead of her.

Doug has had a couple of rough days. Last night we were up all night very sick. My heart broke, because I could not do anything for him. He kept telling me go to bed, he would be fine. I sat up with him all night, what was he thinking by telling me to go to bed. I sat there praying for comfort for him. This part of this journey I don't like, I don't like the very sick part of it. Hoping we can get him leveled out. He has been better this afternoon.

I opened my Jesus Calling book to today, seriously if you have this book, this devotional could not have been more perfect for me today!

May 8

DO NOT LONG FOR THE ABSENCE of problems in your life. That is as unrealistic goal, since in this world you will have trouble. You have an eternity of problem-free living reserved for you in heaven. Rejoice in that inheritance, which no one can take away from you, but do not seek your heaven on earth.

Begin each day anticipating problems, asking Me to equip you for whatever difficulties you will encounter. The best equipping is My living Presence, My hand that never lets go of yours. Discuss everything with Me. Take a lighthearted view of trouble, seeing it as a challenge that you and I together can handle. Remember that I am on your side, and I have overcome the world.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." Isaiah 41:13

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Thank you Kaycee for my amazing new book, I needed it today! Another great assistant coach helping me out along the way!

Love and Blessings to all!

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