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Nice to be home

It is so nice to be home! Well rested, and settled back in. The continue support takes my breath way. We got no word from the doctor today, hoping it comes soon. We have decided it does not matter what we are told, we are fighting it all the same! I need to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone that has reached out to my 3 amazing girls! As a mom, it is comforting to know they have such a loving, caring, supportive group around each of them! They need an outlet to go to besides myself, I think they stay strong towards me to protect me. They are so thoughtful! As I was reading to Doug all the support we are receiving, he says to me "jack, how is Zack Ingersoll?" I responded I wasn't sure. He said, "we have a ton of people praying for us could we ask them all to pray for him." I began to cry and answered ABSOLUTELY! So I am asking you all to add Zack Ingersoll to your prayers. Zack is a teacher at Eagle High and basketball coach at Rocky Mountain. He was recently diagnosised with throat cancer, (I'm sorry not sure exactly what it is called). Please pray for The Lord to lay his healing hands on Zack, give his beautiful wife strength to carry on each day, and bless his 2 babies! Today was team pictures for Eagle High Softball and Doug was not missing it! He loves those girls so much. What a great bunch of young ladies. They have been thrown some big time adversity, but they have come together to BATTLE ON THE FIELD! Doug has spoke to me over and over, "those girls don't need to worry about me, I need them to BATTLE ON THE FIELD! You and I, Jack will battle this!" Love and Blessings to all!

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