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It is very interesting how life is put into perspective when you are facing a challenge. How you come to realize what is important in your life. How you are living your life or how you are not living your life.

If I could tell one single person anything about life, and how fast it can change, here is what I would say to that person:

First in your life you need to put Christ, or a higher power. Whatever you might believe in or have faith in. It needs to be first in your life. Do not doubt it, go with it. See when we get weak he is the one that lifts us, walks with us, sometimes carries us.

Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

I was not raised in the church, but my family believed in God. There was a bible in the house, that must mean something right! I've known of a higher power for quite a long time, but did I have a relationship? A true relationship, NOPE not me. I said my prayers every night, wasn't that enough. When someone asked if I believed in God, I always answered, yes. For years that is all I had, I think that is all I thought I needed. Someone asked me what religion are you, I would say, I am me. I am my own religion. I know there is a higher power, I believe in the Lord. I don't need a title, I guess is what I thought. Isn't religion of all natures fairly all the same on different scales or levels? Well that debate I don't want to tackle right now, but seriously, I will not judge you for your beliefs. I am thankful you have them, as I am thankful I have mine.

My relationship grew a bit stronger with the birth of my 3rd daughter. She was born with her stomach not connected to her esophagus,(that is a whole other story in its self). But I witnessed prayers being answered, prayers I was praying for my baby. Then my dad had a tremendous accident, prayers were said for him immediately. Doctors told us with his brain injury, 1% live. . . . . .1% people! Tell me prayers don't get answered.

Those are 2 huge things in my life that I have experienced, but there are small things also that The Lord has played out in my life. I will be the first to tell you, sometimes it is things we don't understand right at that moment, but God is good, and it seems to work out.

Now I am facing one of the most scary things I have ever been faced. But I have a peace about me. I believe it is because I have a new relationship with Christ. I have allowed him into my heart. I don't just say my prayers at night, I read the word, I try my best to practice his word, I share with others how your life can change with him in it. Instead I turn all things to him, release my power so he may use his power. Either on his own, or through me!

So if you don't have that "relationship" I would encourage you to seek it. Don't be afraid or think you don't need it. Because a crisis might arise and you need to be prepared!

Second in your life, put your family. And I am not meaning just your spouse, or kids. I am talking about them all. I have been blessed with the most amazing family a girl could ask for.

Family is one of the biggest support groups you could ever have, without paying a dime! Love your family, family is family at all times! Family is not just family in a crisis, or when we want them to be family. Look at your relationships are they what they should be, or what you want them to be? Love them, I mean don't just say the words, truly love them.

Husbands and wives might drive us crazy, do some stupid things, act or react how we would not want them to. But at the end of the day, be grateful you have them in your life. At one point in your life, you chose them to spend the rest of your life with, so let the little things go, and start enjoying each other and life together.

Family is huge part of happiness! Trust me, I know.

Third in your life, and is so important, your friends. These people come running when you are in need. They rally around you and make sure anything and everything gets done for you when needed. They will laugh with you and they will cry with you. Friends have your back almost as much as your family. Nurture those relationships, friends might be the ones you call on when family is not around.

Last I would tell that one single person, love yourself. Be true to yourself. Be kind to others, you might need them one day. Smile, smile, smile!

I am learning these past couple of months how important my relationship with Christ is. There have been times, I have wanted to crumble or question or just be weak and I am only there for a moment and then I remember our God is a good God, he is the ultimate healer and through him all things are possible!

I am learning, my family might be sitting back, but man do I feel the support from each of them. My love for my husband and girls has grown so much in the last couple of months. They bring me joy for sure!

I am learning my friends. . . .well. . . .THEY ARE ROCKSTARS! They have all stepped up to the plate and been amazing to me and my family. The outpouring of support from all of them has filled my heart with compassion.

I truly have been blessed with some fabulous people that have come into my life. And I am learning, to keep on smiling!

Love and Blessings to all!

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