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We are getting ready to head back to Seattle for treatment! Last week when we got home, Doug was struggling. Z called to talk to him and they visited for quite awhile. The next morning Doug woke up to this text that came in at 1:30am from Z. Hopefully you're asleep and this doesn't wake you up. I was thinking about you tonight as I was doing my homework and I figured Id share my thoughts you were frustrated and scared today, now yesterday, which is totally acceptable, but that was yesterday. Today is a new day! Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games, right? Well yesterday's strikeouts don't win today's game either! You always told me not to get discouraged, keep working your ass off and it will pay off, someone will notice you. Well, same goes for you except you're going to work your ass off at enjoying life and being happy. Make everyday a good day, no exceptions. Granted, good days will turn into bad days, but don't make it a bad couple of days. I want you to find the good in each day!:) I love you dad:) you deserve to be happy more than anyone. Sometimes, we are the only one that can make that happen! It's a choice:) Sent from my iPhone When Doug had me read this, I bawled my eyes out! I share this with all of you for numerous reasons. See as parents, we preach and preach and hope they are listening! Hoping they will grow to be true, be an influence, and get what life is about. This shows me, she was listening! So to all the parents out there, keep preaching, keep loving them, keep setting good examples, because they are listening and learning! To all the young adults, understand that sometimes, you are wiser than your parents. And it is okay to speak it to the world or to us! At that moment of the text, Z was much wiser than Doug and I. And I am grateful for that. Young adults, believe in yourselves, stand up for what you believe in. Love your parents and grandparents with all your heart. Know that all that preaching us parents have done over the years, really does mean something! We just love your guts and want the best for you. Young teens, one day you will appreciate all we do for you as mom and dad. I know that all the eye rolls, whatever's, you don't get it, you don't understands, that come from your cute little faces. Really mean, I am listening, I love you, I get it, I understand you. You all have a journey to take, know you will be successful, with the guidance of mom and dad. We want the best for you always! Read my daughters text again, wise, wise, wise, quoting what had been quoted to her, speaking her views and standing tall! Proud, proud, proud is what I am! I just felt I needed to share, not to woowoo myself. My heart instantly felt there might be some parents, young adults, or teens that needed to hear it! Exodus 20:12 Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land The Lord your God is giving you, Love and Blessing to all!

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