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How strong is your back?

How strong is my back? Funny question, how strong is my back? Ask yourself that question, how strong is your back? Lift all the weights you can, but I will tell you they do not tell you how strong your back is.

Is your back strong enough to carry the weak that are around you? Is it strong enough to put your life on hold to care for a loved one? Is it strong enough to put on a smile, when you could cry for days? Is it strong enough that when the bad days get worse, you are still standing upright? Is your back strong enough to be vulnerable? Is it strong enough to drop to your knees and pray?

The strength of your back is truly determined by a choice. See you can chose to carry whatever is put on your back, or you can chose to allow what is thrown on your back to crush you. The strength of my back has come from my choice to fight through adversity, to be steadfast in my faith, to look every moment in the face and find a bit of joy in those moments. When I struggle to find strength, I rely on Jesus.

My strength has been tested these past few days. And many moments I have had to rely on my faith. This storm we are facing, has shown me how strong I can be, how strong my three girls are and at the same time it has shown us how weak we are. In weakness we lean on each other and Jesus.

I have always spoke from my heart and been completely real. I will continue to do that, so be prepared.

Life seems to continue to go on, when at times I would like it to slow down or even come to a complete stop. You all need to know, we are fighting and praying harder than before. We are living! WE ARE LIVING! We have lots of laughing, planning, and crying. Which in my eyes are all very healthy.

I am humbled by the outpouring of support. I read every comment, text, email I get. I might not respond, but please know I see them all. I share them with Doug as well. Doug does not really look at his phone, so please start calling or texting me. So many offers from so many of you wanting to help, right now I am not sure what we need. Stand together TEAM CORTA, holding on to hope, knowing if it is our will our God will provide a miracle!

I think it is interesting how we travel through life so unaware, or maybe it is the mentality "it won't happen to me" that we take tender moments for granted. I would tell you all, be in the moment. Every single one of them. I would also say, don't wait! Don't wait to tell your mom how wonderful she is. Don't wait until the next practice to tell your coach how they have impacted you. Don't wait for the next time your sibling does something great to tell them. Don't wait for another opportunity to express your love and appreciation to a loved one. Don't wait until maybe it is to late!

Z has been home this week enjoying time with her dad. Today they went to the field and he threw front toss to her. It was a good day. As we sat at the field he says, I forgot how much I love being out here. Simple things that mean so much. Don't ever take for granted that you can walk out and stand on the field!

With Doug's unsteadiness, I decided it was easier to shower with him. As I was washing his legs, he begins to giggle. I said what is so funny. He smiles great big and says, I can actually walk, I just want you to shower with me. We both giggled and then he looks me in the eyes and says, Thank you for taking care of me, I am so lucky. I then told him, I'm pretty sure I am the lucky one! We are truly finding every moment to enjoy every second. Life is so good, so good!

I challenge you all today, DON'T WAIT, find one person to express your gratitude to. Think of the joy that will be rushing through this Friday if we all pick one!

Love and Blessing to all

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