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Home from Seattle

What a day! A day of nerves, a day of joy, a day of thanks, a day to give glory! We flew into Seattle yesterday. Arriving at the airport just before halftime of the Super Bowl. We got a table in a little bar and grill and watched the second half there. It was complete craziness, Seahawk fans everywhere. The atmosphere was so fun. As the game came to an end, the atmosphere quickly turned. All the cheering, screaming and excitement disappeared. Amazing how a shift in everyone can happen so fast. 2 seconds before that interception people were happy, eager for a back to back Super Bowl win. Then BAM! Gone, heads spinning, complete disbelief, questioning, questioning, questioning. Now don't get me wrong, right before that play I turned to Doug and said don't throw the ball! As we traveled through the airport and on to our hotel, there were numerous fans cursing the play call, questioning why, a small riot or rally was happening downtown with about 75 cops around. As we settled in our room and turned the TV on, there it all was again, every football whoever talking about the play call. So here I go, you die hard Seahawk fans you might want to skip down and not read what I am about to say! This is a game, yes they make millions of dollars doing it; coaches and players, but it is just a game. There are decisions to be made, game plans put in place, scouting of the opponent done. And in one play there was someone, a player, a coach, a fan, a parent, or an owner that had a lesson to be learned. See in life, i don't care if it is fighting brain cancer or trying to win the Super Bowl, because honestly fighting cancer, any cancer, is a whole lot of work, dedication, time consuming, game planning, scouting, decision making and exhausting. There are lessons for many to be learned. We sometimes don't know what is going to be thrown at us, but if we seriously listen and watch, there are many lessons to help us grow. We should not be questioning the play call, it was exactly what was suppose to happen. As hard as that might sound to many, in life we need to stop always questioning and just learn from our experiences. There will be more games played, more decisions to make, more game planning to be done, and yes there will be more calls you might not understand. But if we can realize, all of it happens for someone, somewhere that needed to learn something. Stop for a moment, was that someone you! Football is for our pleasure, to represent a team and watch every week to see if your favorite quarterback, running back, d back, lineman, kicker, or coach is being the best they can be. Just remember being their best, is not what you think is the best. So as i heard today leaving Seattle, "we just need to mourn this loss!" I trembled inside. There is this thing called LIFE, that is way bigger than any football game or sporting event. We mourn the loss of our loved ones, the beauty of their lives, we mourn because they are gone! People the Seahawks will play again, and possibly again in the Super Bowl. Let us remember the interception, the amazing catch, the great season. Okay, so now back to where we were. We were up at 4:30, neither one of us could really sleep. It is that anxious, gut wrenching, what will the MRI say feeling that starts to consume us. I had a bit more peace as we traveled on Sunday. We went to church before we caught our flight and the men of the church prayed over Doug. It was a very powerful time. Believing that the MRI would show a stable tumor. We arrived at the hospital to check in at 6:30, we then had a meeting with the Clinical Trial consultant, Mary. Doug has been asked to be in a study, there is a ton of information on that study that I will not go into just yet. Mary says to us Doug would most likely be disqualified from the study if his MRI shows no measurable tumor. I looked at her and said I really hope he is disqualified! Down to MRI we go! We traveled without our PCA, so I sat in the waiting area by myself. I listened to my anthems over and over. Mindi our worship leader at church had sent me a new song, so I sat and listened to it. The song was amazing, but I began to feel the anxiety of sitting and waiting, i started to feel weak. I sent Mindi a text telling her I loved the new song, and how I was starting to feel. Her response, The King is among us and his glory surrounds us! Over and over. So that is what I did, I put the song on repeat! Doug came out of the MRI and seemed to not have as much worry as usual, still present, but a bit different. We went to labs and then on to see Dr. Benkers. As we sat in the waiting area, Brian Nelson walked in with his parents. We exchanged a quick hug and how are things, tell Lisa hi, all that good stuff. He actually did not have an appointment that day, I believe he showed up there today for US! So we could see him and get to visit for a moment. It is nice for Doug to have someone that is going through the same battle to connect with. As we went back to the room, blood pressure good, weight good, Samra says Dr. Benkers will be right in. This is the point my stomach goes into knots, my mind starts to do crazy things, and it seems like eternity before she walks in. That didn't happen today, Dr. Benkers walked right in very quickly, says, "Hi Doug how are you?" before he could barely say good, she goes on, "your MRI looks good" Doug says, excuse me! She says again, your MRI looks good. Your tumor is stable. She says we will talk about it more and go over pictures, but lets talk about you and do some testing. All the same typical questions, and testing. Then she pulls up the pictures of his MRI. The 2 spots on the lining of his brain were gone! The cavity where the original tumor was has shrunk down, and where the 3 spot was was not seen. Doug said so it is stable? She said it is not only stable it is significantly better. There is no measurable tumor to be seen! Amen Jesus! He began to cry. I held him in my arms and said are you ok? He said yes, happy tears Jack, happy tears! I told her we have never gotten good news, we are so excited. I think because we always hear, new growth, more spots, Doug says to her so it is better. She smiles and says "there is no measurable tumor to be seen!" I said say it again, joking with her and she smiled and said it again! She said she would have to now check on the study they wanted Doug to do and would see him back in 2 months for another MRI. As she walked out the door, we stared at each other and began to cry. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. We caught an early flight home, Doug went and watched Demi play ball and I made it to my game to coach. Just to clarify some things with every one. We have to remember this is a very aggressive tumor, and the smallest of microscopic cells can possibly grow. We are believing this will not happen. We are doing the happy dance, and giving all the glory to God! This huge VICTORY we just got is all credit to the good Lord above. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers. Through him all things are possible. It has been a journey to be on, but at all times I have held onto my faith and the belief he would answer prayers in due time. It was holding steadfast in my faith and believing. So if you are going through a challenge, I would encourage you, don't question it, don't sit back, and don't give up. Hold your faith high and put Christ first in your life. Say your prayers, do good, be strong, and BELIEVE! My prayers will continue for complete healing for my husband. That my story will touch many lives. That through my words someone will find Christ in their heart. That on a cloudy, gloomy day we are reminded the sun is still shining! Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. Remember it is answered when you are suppose to have it answered! It is keeping the faith at all times! I am Thankful for the amazing doctors in Seattle and Boise. I am Thankful to all the Team Corta warriors that have held us in prayer. But I am so Thankful for the most amazing God, that answers prayers and gives us guidance. Giving the Glory to him today! Love and Blessings to all!

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