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Game Plan Changed

Just wanted everyone to know that the game plan has changed! i told you Doug would be starting his first 5 days on tonight, but that DID NOT happen. The wellness clinic that has been helping Doug along the way, did not feel his body has recovered enough from the 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. They felt he would not handle the higher doses very well. They did some testing and encouraged us to wait. Changed his "program" a bit. Hoping to get his kidneys and liver cleared and strong. They told us we ultimately had the final say, and they would support us and be by our side all the way, with whatever we decided. These are the moments, I first wish I was still a little girl and could cry for my mommy to make my decision for me! But quickly realize I'm all grown up and we have to do this on our own. Then I hear in my head, "I am with you, to guide you and love you!" Oh yeah, we are not alone! God is with us! As we drove home, Doug says to me, "Jack, I have always questioned why I have to take it 5 days out of the month." I told him, you need to sit in silence, and listen or pray. But make sure you truly listen for your answer. He looked at me funny and I carried on, Douglas I have never been a church pusher, a prayer pusher, or God pusher. But I will tell you, I believe he can heal all things. That if you turn your burdens to him he will bless you. But it is having the faith! Not saying you believe, not hoping it works out, not being fearful. You need to allow The Lord in your heart and allow him to guide you on your decision and allow him to work his miracles. Have the faith my love, for I feel his presence with us. Your answer might come today, or it might be in a few days, just make sure you are aware. I went to work in the salon, and as I came in the house Doug says my MRI is next week right? Yep, on Wednesday sweets. He then replied, ok I want to have that MRI before I start the chemo. I did not question him, I just said OK! Did he sit in silence? Did he pray? Did he just decide? I don't know. All I know is there was a peacefulness about him. My prayers change day to day, and today I pray for God Almighty to wrap Doug in his hands and give Doug all the things to help him feel or see the guidance our God has for him. May Doug's heart be softened and his strength be strengthened. Power of prayer is an awesome thing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, keep praying for him! Love and Blessings to all!

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