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As I sat one night thinking about how I did not want to know anything about Doug's tumor, what it was, what stage it was, anything. I began to look at it as I would coaching. As a coach I scout the teams I am going to be playing. I look at what defense I might need to use, what offense I will run against them. The best "Game Plan" to beat them. So why wasn't I scouting this, why wasn't I putting together the best "Game Plan" to come out and beat this! Maybe fear, I just know I wanted facts not all the stuff you can find on the internet. So I decided I would get me a scout, not myself this time, I wanted a scout that would look at everything and give me only what I needed to hear. I even told her, whatever you feel you need to tell me, is exactly what I am suppose to hear. Don't question yourself, "oh maybe Jack doesn't need to know that" So I put my scout in place and she came up with some great info, she is still working on getting more info. Thank you Shanan for being the best scout a girl could ask for!

The Game Plan is being put in order.

We went and had our post op visit with Dr. Lochhead. It went really well, he took out the stitches and said the incision had healed really well. He told us Doug would start radiation and chemo. He would do another MRI in 2 months to see if the tumor is growing or not. He would follow it with a MRI every 2 months. He said if the tumor looks like it is growing back we would go back in and take more of the tumor out. It would possibly mean losing some of his left side movement. We are praying the tumor does not grow!

After that appointment we went and seen the radiation oncologist, Dr. Tonya Kuhn. Let me just say, I have been praying for the right doctors to come into our life, and man, God is Good! She was AMAZING! Very thorough with us, compassionate towards us, and extremely intelligent. I asked a good friend, that is a nurse, to attend this appointment with us. Just in case she heard something we didn't or has medical questions that we would not think of. Maybe an assistant coach you might say! Trust me through this process I am going to have numerous assistant coaches, so when you are asked to step up and be my assistant please be ready. It was nice to have her there, she brought me comfort, and at that moment I needed it. Thank you Tiffany for being a great assistant coach! Here is what Dr. Kuhn told us:

6 weeks of radiation Mon-Friday. First 4 weeks that will target where the tumor was. Last 2 weeks they will target where the tumor cells are left. During the 6 weeks Doug will take a chemo pill (Temozolomide) multiple times a day every day. Then after the 6 weeks he will take them 5 days a month for the next 6-12 months. She said he might have short term side effects, fatigue, patchy hair loss (don't tell Doug he has already started that on top), and mental function. She said mental function was like you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water and get to the kitchen and say now what was I getting. We go tomorrow to get his mask made. That is what he wears for radiation, it has marks on it to pinpoint exactly where the radiation goes, each session from when he walks in the door to when he leaves will take about 15 minutes


We are taking a TLC class on Wednesday. A 2 hour class giving us information on nutrition, how to take of when he is fatigued, relaxation, and stuff. Friday we see the Medical Oncologist to go over the chemo stuff. Then we should have a pretty good GAME PLAN in order.

I have to say THANK YOU for all the yummy dinners we have received. You have know idea how wonderful it is. I walked in from working in the salon tonight and an amazing dinner was ready on my counter for my family. I am so grateful to all of you that are reading this, helping us, loving on us, and PRAYING FOR US!

Love and Blessings to all!

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