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Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer, I'm not real sure who invited you to come to our family. But I won't be rude, I will say Hello. I will tell you you chose a great family to meet. We are strong in faith, strong in support, strong and standing together. I will tell you I was not happy to meet you the way I have had to! You almost broke me, but I have been brought to the front line of this battle field. Not sure how well you know me, but I am known to not play nice! So me leading the way. . . You better watch out! Thank you for visiting, I WILL NOT EVER INVITE YOU BACK! If you think you can beat me, you don't understand how competitive I am, my husband is, and oh my 3 girls, pretty sure they will rock your world! This is one battle YOU WON'T WIN! You have come up against the best!

Love, Jacki

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