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Day after Surgery

Doug did well through the night, I guess as best as he could. Every hour they were in to do a neurological test. He is having another MRI this morning after some Oatmeal! They are looking at the surgery site and to see how his brain is doing. if you know this family at all, we have each others back, I am a momma bear when it comes to my girls, mess with them and I might claw your eyes out! We are fighters who battle to the best of our ability! When adversity is thrown at us we pull together and plow thru it. As bad as I want to ask God why, I am not doing that. For he is in charge, he has a plan for us, what that plan is I'm not sure. But I also know he is the ultimate healer of all things! I will turn to him for guidance and ask him to hold me on those days , like today, that my legs feel like they are crumbling! I know I am going to have bad days, and cry all day long. I know I am going to need a lot of help, what that is I don't know, I just know I will need it. It brings me comfort knowing I have an army standing behind me. We are going to battle, and battle until he is healed! I ask for the healing prayers to keep going strong. I am trusting in The Lord to protect us while we go to battle, to shine his loving presences onto us. For he is in charge and will do me no wrong! So if you are willing to fight this fight with us, jump on board because you are going to experience some of the most life changing, God inspired, miraculous miracles you have ever seen! We just got back from MRI. Doug is very tired, we are going to rest and wait for Dr. Lochhead to come visit with us! Love and Blessings to all!

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