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The Phone rang

The phone rang this evening, "Hello" "Hi mom" "Hey sister" "What are you doing?" "I'm watching a movie." "Can I interrupt your movie for a sec" "Absolutely sister. What's going on." Then Z began to tell me about her evening, it went like this: Mom tonight was the academic awards banquet for athletes. You have to have a 3.2 GPA or higher and we receive a plaque. Yep I know what your talking about sister, there are three at the house you have gotten previously. As I was walking in I ran into Mark, I questioned him why he was there because he never usually attends these things. He fumbled out some words about deciding to join Coach this year. I kind of giggled and thought nothing of it. Got to my table for dinner and there sat Coach Amicone, Mark, Sara, Kin, Kirt, Carley and Molly Smith, Sara and I's professor. They called all the athletes up to got our academic award as they announced our names. After they called out all the athletes they give other awards, like to the most improved team, academic team and stuff. We are sitting there and they are giving the Wildcat Achievement Award, this award goes to an athlete that has overcome hardship. They begin to speak about a football player, how he lost his mom his junior year, had different coaches and achieved so much on the football field. You know mom, yep I remember, you spoke of him to me sister. Then my Academic Advisor gets up and says, the athlete I am honoring has achieved success on the softball field and off, while overcoming hardship. Kirty leaned over and said it's you! During her freshman year her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and she played that season. This is where I don't really remember what else she said because I was so overwhelmed. As my advisor kept talking about me I looked up Coach had tears in her eyes along with Kirt and Kin. I knew I couldn't look at Sara or she would have done me in. They announced my name and I walked to the front, where they had a picture on the big screen of me slapping. The clapping continued and continued! As I walked back to my seat numerous people were wiping their eyes. Kin, Kirt, Carley had teary eyes and I don't know about Sara because I wouldn't allow myself to look at her. Coach had tears and Mark raised his glasses to wipe tears as well. Coach says to me, sorry to blindside you with this. I smiled and said don't do it again! She said this is the last time.

Afterwards we took pictures and girls were wanting to take pictures with me. Mark gave me a huge hug and shared some very sweet words. I was completely taken back mom! Overwhelmed! As she stopped telling me the story I could barely catch my breath. My heart was bursting as tears flooded my face. I could hardly get the words out to say, I am so proud, what an honor. Then more tears, let's be honest not tears it was the chest pulsing in and out hard cry gasping for a breath. There was no composing myself, I whispered I love your guts and beyond proud of you. She said thanks mom! I told her you know you can accomplish anything in this world and then the chest pulsing in and out hard cry set back in as she said thanks mom love you. I needed a moment to bawl, so I told her send me the pictures and quickly got off the phone. I have now sat here for two hours crying like a little girl that lost her favorite dolly. Just knowing how Doug would be beaming with pride. This has made me realize just how amazing these three girls are. To truly look at what all three of my girls are overcoming. For them to be able to step foot on a softball field since the loss of their dad speaks volumes. To need that word of encouragement to help them through a struggle, that he would of been able to speak, but to only have silence. The strength I am seeing in my three girls only amplifies what they will be able to achieve in their life. I am seeing more of their dad in them everyday. He did a good job instilling in them, without them even knowing he was! To the one soul that may be struggling, thinking there is no hope, be reminded of Doug Corta's three girls. Their strength, their fight, their will to overcome, and mostly their beautiful smiles! Know you can overcome as long as you keep moving forward. Life's struggles do not have to destroy, they can empower us to greatness. Yes it takes time! Yes it takes hard work! Yes it can be done! Congrats to my girl Z for receiving The Wildcat Achievement Award! 💜

Love and Blessings to all

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