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I would like to welcome everyone to my new location. I am excited to continue my story right here!

Let me give you a little of what is behind the name. I pondered for months, about what to call my site. I sent numerous name ideas to my name consultants, being shot down with each idea. Even the few I really liked. With the advice to "stop trying" and let it just come to you; BAM it happened. I looked down at my arm, where I have my life motto tattooed, "It's All Good!" For years I have always said, even when it is bad, it is still all good. I then wanted Doug part of my site, for this site will continue to share his legacy, his passion, his teachings, so I added PROMISE. Doug and I shared "promise" with each other. Almost as if it meant the bible if we said it. I would tell him love you, he would follow with, love you too. I almost always came back with . . . PROMISE? and he would with a smile of his face, repeat PROMISE! If we wanted to make sure the other was telling the truth, we would ask, promise? and by responding promise we knew it was the honest truth.

It's All Good . . . Promise! will be a site where I can allow my voice to continue to be heard, continue to inspire, and continue to share my thoughts on what life has shown me. I feel I have been put on a platform to speak, and if I step off now I have not done my job. I am allowing the Lord to guide me and my heart to write about things that can help to improve the world. Plant seeds in souls to grow, shake some souls to the core, and be a voice that will challenge souls to be better, live better, and love on a deeper level.

I am thrilled to finally be back writing. This is where I find healing within myself by sharing my journey. Get ready and enjoy my writings!

Love and Blessings to all

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