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Phone call

Tuesday Doug decided he wanted to go to the High School game at Boise High. We got the pick up parked close so he could sit in there and watch the game. I believe it was good for him to be there and see the girls. Boise High was very sweet and put "DC" in chalk behind home plate. At the beginning of the game they announced that they had Doug in their thoughts and gave him a team picture with the words "Coach Corta Get Well Soon! Lady Braves 2014" What a great bunch of girls. The support is just so huge, makes my heart smile! Doug stood down the rightfield line watching until I had to get stern and tell him to get to the pick up! His good friend Ryan came and sat with him so I could be close to the game and cheer. Ryan said to me after the game, "he is a true Coach" and then giggled. I am sure Doug was doing a lot of "coaching" in the pick up. After the game he walked out to the outfield and spoke to the team. He is so committed to his coaching job and those girls, it is all he can do to not be out there. I give him a little, but then I have to make sure he is not over doing it.

That night as we were having dinner our phone rang. This is the conversation that happened:


An elderly voice says, Hi I am looking for Mrs. Corta

This is she

Hi this is Mrs. Delaney, I just wanted to call you and tell you that my granddaughter had a brain tumor and after finding out she had it she found out she was pregnant. Her daughter is now 7 years old, and my granddaughter is doing just fine. Completely healthy, works real hard, and very strong. I read your sweet story in the paper and just felt I needed to call you to give you some positive information.

Thank you so much for calling me, it truly means a lot to hear this.

Well honey, you have 3 girls and my granddaughter has 3 girls as well, and she is healed and I know your sweet husband will be also.

Oh Mrs. Delaney, thank you so much

Honey can I ask does he know the Lord?

Yes he does

Praise God, Amen Jesus! He will be healed, you have the faith dear, my granddaughter I know was blessed by the healing hands the Lord. Keep the faith.

Oh Thank you so much Mrs. Delaney!

We spoke for about 20 minutes, she told me a little about her life and asked if she could call me again. I told her if she felt she needed to call me to please call.

You know, God shows himself in so many ways. Thank You Mrs. Delaney for the phone call.

Wednesday was home opener for Z and the Weber State Softball team. Dr. Lochhead had told us if Doug was feeling up to it, we could travel to Ogden and watch. Just stop every hour to walk a bit, to much sitting could cause blood clots. We listened to the doctor, although I am pretty sure if Doug would have been feeling yucky he still would have gone. Thankfully he was feeling good, so we traveled with my mom, to Ogden to watch Z. Oh my gosh it was so good for both Doug and Z to see each other. She played great, they got 2 wins, and a dad and his daughter got to spend a couple of hours together after the games. We drove home late last night so he could be home all day today to rest.

Every day he seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Prayers are working team, keep up the good work!

Love and Blessings to all!

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