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Every morning, as I walk in to help Doug out of bed, I say to him. Guess what? He replies, "the sun is up!" I kiss him and say, yes it is! Grateful we have one more day to share the beauty of the day.

The days have changed for sure. Doug's left side is weak, he has no movement in his left arm and hand. He walks with a crutch under his right arm and some "arm candy" on his left side! Most of the time it is me, or his good friends, or his daughters. Either way he has to have assistance with his walking. It is myself that dresses him, and puts his shoes on. With every little thing I do for him, it is his tender "thank you" that melts my heart. I told him, sweets you do not have to thank me for this, I love taking care of you. He looks me in the eyes and says, thank you, thank you for loving me! Honestly, being a caregiver is a lot of work, it is time consuming, and exhausting. But when your love one is in need, there is not even a question to do whatever possible to help them.

Doug was honored at Weber State University's Alumni softball game, throwing out the first pitch. It was emotional and heartwarming seeing this team, coaching staff and Weber fans pulling together to support and love my girl Z and her dad as they do. Such a special moment.

Doug was informed by his Eagle High softball booster president that there has been an approval for a softball indoor facility, in honor of Doug! It has been his dream to give the girls a facility to have for indoor hitting, fielding and pitching. It will be a piece of his legacy left for young girls to be a part of. It being Doug's dream, he is in the process of designing the inside of this 100' x 50' building. It will be called The Doug Corta Softball Complex. He was brought to tears, feeling so honored and completely excited for all the girls that will get to use it. If you would like to donate to help fund this project please email Bryan at

I have attached a photo of the building. Thank you to all those that are making this happen, your time and commitment mean so much. Once again, we are feeling the love.

Thank you for the meals, it is such a great act of kindness shown to our family.

The Lord sure has an amazing plan for us. In times of questioning, we are reminded of greatness that is happening around us. The plan we may not know, but we are learning that the plan is bigger than we can imagine. Blessed! We are truly blessed! The girls are all trying to deal with, figure out, learn, what this process is, or this journey consists of. We sat on the bed before Z left, she says mom I pray for a miracle, but I am also at peace if Jesus needs dad in heaven more than we need him. He (Jesus) knows we will be ok, and will take care of us. Not that I'm giving up on a miracle, but I know God has a plan for us and we will be ok.

Bentli says, I am glad you think that, I am just mad! Demi was just quiet. That is the real ness of what is going on. I am proud of all three, being where they are at in this process. Being mad is real! Being quiet is real! Being wise is real! We will be ok, we will survive, we will because we are a family with a bond no one will ever be able to break.

Doug is scheduled for another MRI in Seattle in October, he is debating if he is going to have it done. He is only using supplements from the Wellness clinic, and takes a steroid to keep the headaches down. No chemo. Lots of prayers and hope!

Doug and I giggle a lot, the girls and us giggle a lot. We share a smile with all that come in contact with us. I have always told my girls, one simple smile might make someone's day.

It really is the easiest gift to give!

This week we received a dinner from a complete stranger. As I sent her a text to thank her for the meal and where to pick up her crock pot, she replies. You are more than welcome! Are there any errands you need help with? Laundry? Anything? My mom had the same thing Doug has. I am happy to help if you need any! Sending love and prayers.

I was taken back. I said to Doug, can you believe this. See I am always willing to help family and friends. But to reach out to a complete stranger; Leah you showed me what true compassion is all about. Thank you for reaching out to my family. Compassion, I think as a whole, with where our world is today we all need to show more of this. Why do we sit comfortably in our ways, let's all try to step out of our comfort zone and show more compassion. Towards our family, our friends, our selves, but more importantly to possibly a complete stranger. We are always given opportunities in our journey to reach out, share our story and show others compassion. It is our choice to act on those things. I will definitely be working on my compassion to those that might benefit from it.

1 Peter 3:8 Finally, all of you, be like minded, be sympathetic, love one another; be compassionate and humble.

Love and Blessings to all

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